Monday, November 30, 2015

Magic Is Real

     Miraculous things happen when you believe.  And I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Miracles happen around us every day, and when we have faith, we can actually see them.  But first, let me be honest and get personal.
     I had a very unhappy home growing up.  Family time didn't exist, and even when we were all in the same room, only snarky angry remarks were thrown around which lead to screaming and tears.  I actually remember going to school feeling so embarrassed, because I often had puffy red eyes from crying the whole night before.  I have very few happy memories from after I turned 8 years old, just pain and sadness.  This made the holidays even worse.  I could feel the Christmas cheer around me, but it didn't exist in my life.  I felt lonely year round, but when the holidays approached, the loneliness sunk deeper into the pit of my stomach leaving me in emotional despair.  I knew the Christmas spirit of love and peace was there somewhere.  Why couldn't I be part of it? Even now, when I hear Christmas music on the radio, I vividly remember driving around listening to the same songs in high school and college, and just crying.  I wanted so badly to be happy at Christmas.  It is supposed to be a time to feel loved.  But for many years, I did not feel it. Loved.
     Fast forward about a decade later, and I find myself in my own personal Utopia.  Madly in love with my eternal best friend, and cherishing every waking moment with my three incredible babies.  And Christmas can't get here soon enough!  Creating a beautiful and memorable Christmas for my children is such a privilege.  And the love is just immeasurable.  There is so much love and happiness in our home!  How did I get here?  I didn't think it was possible to feel this happy.  How? Hard work; yes.  Enduring; yes.  But in general, I owe it all to faith, and the undeniable existence of a loving Father in Heaven.
     It's through these things that I see real magic.  Pixie dust and unicorns - how can I deny those things are possible, when I have seen the impossible happen? Girls can find their prince charming, even if he happens to be a pauper. ;) Two people who were once enemies, can forgive and become lifelong friends.  A person can manage to stay young forever, as a result of maintaining a youthful heart.  And people can remarkably turn their lives around and claw their way back from a dark place.  It's all true.
     And furthermore, once you believe these things can come to pass, you are able to see the tiny miracles that happen on a daily basis.  An uplifting sunrise on your drive to work.  An inspirational song playing on the radio.  And for me, I start to tear up just watching my kids sitting and coloring together.  Watching them decorate the Christmas tree the other night... I can't even describe it.  I know angels are constantly in their presence, because everything they do is magic!

     Laughing, dancing, playing, exploring, pretending, hugging.  Even when there is anger and frustration and tears, we come back from it with apologies and hugs and a genuine intention to grow stronger together.   Magic.

     It's true.  I promise.  I testify to the fact that when you find the love of the Lord and honestly strive to follow the way of truth and righteousness, you will know there is magic all around.  You will find miracles and you will be able to see them and experience them every single day.
   Christmas is almost here and it's that special time of year when the miracles are a little more visible.  It's as if the world is finally united to accomplish a common goal.  Peace on earth, goodwill toward men.  Magic.

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