Friday, October 23, 2015

Tutorial to Refashion Oversized Shirt to Cute Top: A Temporary Solution to My LuLaRoe Addiction ;)

     If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a little addiction to LuLaRoe Clothing.  I love LuLaRoe way too much.  I'm telling you.. the struggle is real.  The clothes are so cute and comfy and I know my size in every style!  Online shopping has become way too easy and getting the packages in the mail is like crack! Send help. LOL

     Well, I am very happy to report that "necessity is the mother of invention." I have come up with a way to take my husband's old t-shirts and refashion them to be a close enough knock-off of the fabulous Irma top designed by LuLaRoe.  I already have 4 Irmas! When my PayPal account was wiped out, I came up with this option to ween myself off the constant purchases. Haha!

     I do not consider myself a seamstress, but I know how to use my sewing machine, which is half the battle in sewing.  Take comfort in knowing anyone can do this! It just takes a little trial and error.  The beauty of this is that you can use any old shirt or a dollar store shirt to accomplish this and practice.  No big deal if you mess up, because it was cheap.  I found it super easy, and made only a couple mistakes that I can barely notice.  

Here is how you can adjust a regular oversized t-shirt to be a cute top:

 - Turn your shirts/tops inside out.
 - Fold the oversized shirt in half and lay out flat.
 - Fold the top you like in half and lay on top of the oversized shirt. (If you don't have a model top, you can measure how much needs to be taken off the sleeves to be fitted to your arm, and mark that line. Mark a straight or flared out line all the way down to the bottom of the shirt, depending on your preference.)
 - Make an outline using fabric chalk on both the left and right sides of your oversized shirt.
 - At this point, I have NOT done any cutting.
 - Use a regular stitch to sew along the indicated  lines.
 - Cut about half an inch close to the seam, to remove excess fabric.
 - If you have a serger or an overlock stitch footer, use that to "finish" or secure the cut edges near the seam.
 - Return to right side out and try it on.

     There you have it! Fun top that can go great with leggings or jeans or whatever. LOL
     FYI: The oversized shirt I was working with was horribly made! Crooked lines and the fabric was old and stretched out.  It was very difficult to line up correctly, but it worked and it will be much easier with a regular shirt.

If you try this, let me know how it goes.  Good luck!


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