Thursday, November 12, 2015

When Things Are Looking Bleak, Faith Is a Light

     Well, I'm fairly certain we will not be reaching our goal.  We had hoped to buy our trailer by the end of the year.  We were caught up in an exciting moment of knowing exactly what we wanted.  It felt like all the stars were aligning, and it felt like everything would pan out perfectly... tomorrow.  But no; tomorrow did not happen.  And this year, may not be happening either.    But it WILL happen.  One of my worst qualities is patience - don't have it! Once I make a decision to do something, I push to get it done, while mowing over anything in my way. LOL  I'm kind of stubborn like that.  But at least I do get things done.  Reliability is one of my better qualities. ;)

     This adventure is just outside our reach, and we have only a few obstacles to overcome before it can begin.  But we have reached a point where we are playing the waiting game (waiting for a better credit score and a good loan to be approved) and we have no idea when circumstances will improve.  I find it quite frustrating.  But still, we are optimistic and hopeful that things will move along.
     Somehow, we are comforted, even in moments of "failure." There is a warm feeling. A light, that glows.  Like the flame of a candle, the light flickers when an unsettling wind blows.  It dies down weak as an ember when our oxygen is taken away by obstacles and doubts.  But the glow remains.  I am grateful for that light.

     We are still working every day to make this dream happen.  No joke.  We talk about it every single day.  We are saving up and making phone calls weekly.  Buying our trailer and setting off on the road, is in our daily prayers.  We even made it a standard to go to the temple once a week, until we are able to buy our trailer.
     Prayers have told us that as long as we are doing our best, we will be getting the support we need to make our dream come true.
I have faith that we will be able to buy our trailer and hit the road with our family...
I have faith that things will work out the way it's supposed to...
I have faith that we are on the right path...
I have faith that we will continue to gain gratitude for life and love and our Father in Heaven...
I have faith.


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