Friday, September 25, 2015

The Day My 5 Year Old Taught Me About Being Selfless

     I truly believe this earth has been blessed with some of the most amazing little souls for children.  My Marley looks like an average happy, adorable 5 year old, but sometimes she says or does something that is miraculous.  
     Since she was a toddler, I noticed that she was very emotionally advanced.  Always considerate of others and happy to share.  She is constantly seeking to make new friends and wants to include everyone in the fun.  She quickly became my hero.  
     A couple weeks ago, something happened that I never want to forget.  When my husband arrived home from work, Marley overheard me telling him that I had a very rough day.  I ranted to him about the cooking, the cleaning, the fighting, the crying, and the diaper changing.  I told him that I was so tired and I would appreciate it if he would clean up the dishes after dinner and handle putting the kids to bed by himself.  Honestly, this is not an unreasonable or an unusual request.  I have asked him to do that several times before. And he is always so sweet and willing to do so! My husband is amazing. <3 <3 <3  But after he said, "Sure, no problem" Marley did something that I hope to keep fresh in my heart forever...
     She walked up to me and whispered, "Mommy, can I talk to you?" motioning to me to come away from her dad so he would not hear.  I said, "Okay" and followed her into the next room.  
She proceeded to say:
     "Mommy, we are a family. Ya know? And families work together because we love each other.  Even when we are tired, we are still a family and we should help each other out.  Maybe lets all work together and help daddy clean up so he doesn't do it by himself. Okay?"

     Wow!  I mean, WOW.  I was blown away on so many levels.  The fact that she had the courage to tell me her feelings that contradicted mine.  The fact that she whispered and pulled me away from her dad, so that he wouldn't know what she was saying - she obviously wasn't trying to get praise for it.  The fact that she was so selfless to volunteer to help, so that others wouldn't be left alone to work.  The fact that she acknowledged the sad feelings present and wanted to help.  And the fact that she had shown me that there is a more Christ-like way to think and behave.  It was an incredible moment.
     I swallowed the lump in my throat and spoke softly, so my voice wouldn't crack from the tears welling up. "Of course we can do that baby. You are so right." And I gave her a very big hug.  This particular hug meant more than "I love you."  It meant "You are the epitome of everything that is pure and good in my life, and I am blessed to have you."
     I told my husband about it later that night and he was in awe as well.  He asked me how much of her awesomeness is our parenting and how much is just her. (LOL) I told him that I have no idea, but I hope it's a mix of both.  But sometimes, I am certain that we have very little to do with her strengths, and we are just very lucky.  I admire her so much and hope to become more like her.  
     All small children are amazing souls.  We are blessed by Heavenly Father to have them as lights of goodness.  They are still fresh in the world and have so much hope, love, and purity.  We really should consider them guides for how we should be.  The world would be better for it.

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