Sunday, August 7, 2016

Choose Faith Over Fear - The Secret to Winning Life

Just before trying the zip-line Marley said,
"It's a little scary, but I want to try something new."
She is my hero. <3
    " Courage cannot erase our fear.
      Courage is when we face our fear." - {Seize the Day}     

      This past year has been a significant time for growth.  I asked myself so many questions regarding what is important to me and what I aspire to achieve.  And as a stay at home mom of three, I was unexpectedly faced with a unique and adventurous path.  This path led me to challenge conventional lifestyle and to pursue a frightening future of unpredictability.

     The biggest lesson I learned while embarking on this path, is that fear is not a weakness; fear is a challenge.  We all have fears, and we are faced with fears on a daily basis.  

Fear of failure.
Fear of inferiority.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of humiliation.
Fear of rejection.

I've always felt that fear is the opposite of faith.
     Especially while I watch the Olympics right now, I am awestruck with the tremendous faith these Olympic athletes radiate.  They go the distance because their parents have faith in them, and because they have chosen to be stronger than their fears.  They have faith in their abilities and in their dreams.

Great things happen when we experience fears and choose to overcome them.  And even when efforts made in faith fail, the experience is worth so much more than having given into fear.  It is an invaluable growth that rewards us eternally!

     It is a shame when people make decisions based on fear; I see those decisions as missed opportunities to truly shine.  But even when people have let fear dictate their paths, it is never too late to turn around and say "No, I am stronger than my fears!"  Every moment is an opportunity to exercise faith.

     When my husband and I took each other's hands and agreed to move forward with our plans to live a minimalist lifestyle.. we were letting go of our fears and building upon our faith.  It was then that we could see miraculous blessings happening in our lives and for our family.

     I had no idea that these things were possible.  But now I am certain that each one of us is capable of miraculous things.  We just need to have the courage to choose faith over fear.  
     Everyone has unique goals, dreams, and ideas that will be challenged by fear.  And I'm sure millions of incredible ideas have already been buried by fears.  These ideas could have flourished and could have inspired the world.  But they were stopped in their tracks.  Don't let the fear win.  I've seen it.  I've felt the fear too.  But you are stronger than you think.  I promise.

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