Friday, January 20, 2017

Meant to Be - How We Found Our Airstream

     I’m slightly embarrassed with how long I was browsing for a trailer.  It must have been for over a year!  Ever since my husband and I agreed to pursue our dream to be nomads, I jumped on the Airstream Classifieds and kept in touch with all Airstream enthusiasts hoping to find one that we could afford.  
To my surprise, we didn’t even come close to purchasing a trailer for about a year.  I’d come across some possibilities that were “meh” and some amazing trailers that were not in our realistic price range.  And I actually lived in an unrealistic world where I thought it possible that some wealthy samaritan might come along and hand us a bag of cash.  Lol. No joke. I kept thinking, anything is possible right?

     But after months and months of praying and waiting and getting my dream bubble popped many many times, we finally got the news.  My husband was offered a paid trip for the whole family to NY. This was IT! Our opportunity to sell everything and take off.  But we knew that when we returned home to CA, that we would be forced to buy a trailer, whether or not it was a piece of junk or not. Haha.

     We arrived home and had no place to go, so we made the best of it and went camping for a week.  Let me tell you.. camping in a tent past 3 days is NOT my thing.  I was tired of hiking to the restroom and using community showers.  On day 4 I cried.  I was so close to throwing in the towel and finding an apartment for rent.
     We had a lead on a trailer that look super nice and possibly in our price range.  And it was only a 4 hour drive away to boot.  When we arrived at the dealer and saw the trailer, it was obvious this Airstream was trashed.  Everything in sight needed major work.  Rust was everywhere and things were visibly broken and the prior owners painted it silver! I mean, you don’t paint an Airstream! We were bummed out and told the dealer we were not interested in moving forward and started to walk out.  

     We were literally on our way out when I asked the dealer “Do you happen to have any other used ones for sale?” He said “Sorry, no.”  Maybe 10 seconds later he said, “Well, wait a minute.  We do have a trailer that has been stored here for over a year. It isn’t for sale, but I could try to contact the owner and see if she would like to sell it. Want to go take a look at it?”  We knew that it was a long shot, but how could we resist the offer to take a peek?

     Approaching the trailer, I couldn’t help smile.  It was so pretty! Looked great from the outside; no rust or dents.  Gorgeous exterior.  The moment we stepped inside, I loved it! So clean; open and inviting.  It was difficult for me to not get excited, but I knew it was not for sale.  We both wanted it, so we told the dealer to go ahead and ask the owner if they were willing to sell.  He said it might be difficult to get ahold of her as it was in the past, but he would try.  

     Only a few days later, we got the call.  She’s willing to sell!! What’s even better… it was in our price range!! 

     I could NOT believe it.  Honestly, I still can’t believe it.  How did this beautiful Airstream make it’s way into our lives at such a perfect time and under the perfect circumstances?  What’s more, this particular trailer was manufactured the year my husband was born.  
We thought it was funny that it was his age.  I speculated on where it had traveled and what had it been through along the time when Daniel and I were growing up. I even remember seeing Airstreams on the road as a little girl and wishing I could have one when I grew up - in fact I might have seen this exact one! Lol.  

Under the circumstances, I couldn’t help feel that it was written in the stars.  It was meant to be.

     We said several prayers of gratitude that day. There were times when we had been doubtful and sad, but the faith remained that things would work out.  But when things actually DID work out, I was in awe.  
Even when we received the bad news that the additional fees and taxes made the trailer just barely out of our price range.. Daniel happened to get an unexpected Christmas bonus and some generous help from family member.  It all panned out miraculously.  I can only thank my Heavenly Father for the guidance to press forward and continue to have faith in progress and pursuing dreams.  

     Now we have our dream home!  We named him “Excalibur” due to his brilliant shine and magnificence, but also because of the mysterious fate surrounding his existence.  We thought there was no way we were going to pull this guy out of the stone, but we did and it felt inspired. 

Our hearts are so full.  

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