Friday, August 21, 2015

Best Mommy Secret to a Happier Day

     I'm telling you, by doing just one simple thing I have improved my day by leaps and bounds!  I'm so excited about it that I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.  I'm going to tell you my secret and then I will walk you through how it works and how I've done it.  Here it goes:


     For those of you who are like me (night owls who hate mornings) this may seem like an awful thing to hear.  Trust me; I have never EVER been a morning person.  I have struggled my entire life with going to bed early and waking up early.

     Before I started making this change I was sleeping in until around 9am, even though my alarm went off at 730. Haha.  When I would finally drag my body out of bed, I was faced with hungry, whiney children following me around the house.  They had been up for a while so there was always a mess to clean up.  It made me cranky and I felt like crawling back under my bed covers....every. single. morning! Not a good way to start a day.
     I realized that one of the main reasons I liked staying up late was to have some quiet alone time.  But one morning, I woke up early and had an epiphany. What if my quiet alone time was in the morning before the kids wake up? Hmm.
     I decided to designate my morning as "Me Time."  And it has been glorious!  Here is how my mornings go:
  • Wake up around 530.
  • Put on my earphones and play my favorite music.
  • Get dressed and ready for the day.
  • Clean up the house.
  • Sit outside and enjoy a morning beverage.
  • Prep breakfast.
  • If there is extra time, I sometimes read a book or paint my nails.
* Important note: I keep my music playing the entire time and I rock out.  Ladies, I seriously dance it out! And you all should too. It's good for the soul. ;)

      I have been doing this for a couple weeks now, and it has been life changing!  Now I actually look forward to early mornings because it is my quiet time without little ones.  I am excited to go to bed early, so that I can get my rest and wake up to a quiet sleeping household.  Side note: I don't drink coffee, so I know this can all be done naturally, without caffeine.  Just FYI.  
     I've noticed that spending that hour or two doing the things that relax me and make me happy, is the perfect way to put me in a great mood.   I'm able to start out the day with a clean home and ready to face my sweet babies and their morning demands with a smile on my face.  I feel recharged and like "Bring it on!"  The kids are happier too, because mom is happy.  Even my husband has noticed that I have been in a great mood throughout the day.  Yay!  
     I urge you to try this if you are struggling with your mornings.  Wake up early and give yourself some quality time.  Customize your time with whatever you love.  Morning yoga, reading scriptures, etc.  It's YOUR time.

Disclaimer: It's still hard for me to wake up early, but I have more motivation to do so now.  I have my routine down, and I cherish my "Me Time."

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