Monday, August 10, 2015

Accountable Kids {Review} - The End of Chaos, Confusion, and Bedtime Battles

     I wanted to start my kids on a daily routine with tasks they are expected to complete.  I wanted a routine that I could follow and would be clear for them to understand.  I asked around to see if any other moms had good ideas on how to do that and I was referred to by a couple of friends.

     Here is the video that introduces the concept of Accountable Kids:

     Accountable Kids provides a laid out routine and rewards system for young children.  The program is targeted toward children ages 3-14, but can be modified for older or younger children.  They provide a wooden board with pegs called a "Progress Board."  On the pegs hang "Reminder Cards" which indicate the chores to be completed, and have pictures for younger children.  There are also incentive cards provided.  The wooden boards can be painted and decorated in order for each child to personalize their board.
     Accountable Kids is set up in a way that several incentives are offered for different things and at different times.  When our girls complete a task they turn the task "reminder card" over onto another peg and can move onto the next task when they choose to do so. Once our girls complete all the morning, afternoon, or evening tasks, they earn a ticket.  The ticket can be redeemed to watch tv or use the iPad.  Basically, we have valued the ticket as "screen time."  It is something that our kids enjoy a lot, but we felt it needed limitations.  The girls can also earn special activities if they complete several days of tasks and they can earn money for extra chores that they decide to do in addition to the expected tasks they must complete.

     Marley and Dylan have become accustomed to the routine quickly and they really enjoyed it!  They rarely argue their tasks and are aware they are responsible for completing certain chores during the day.  Bedtime used to be a big ordeal.  They would stall and whine and throw tantrums.  Now that we have cards like the "privilege pass," we can reward them in the morning for going to bed nicely without a fight.  It actually works!  And it's fun to watch the excitement when they earn tickets.      

     The program encourages families to watch the provided instructional DVD together in order for everyone to be on the same page.  I'm so glad we did that! My husband and I went over the concepts of the program and picked out which tasks would be appropriate for each of our girls.
     I love that the program is flexible for parents to determine what will work for their family.  Daniel and I discussed and agreed upon how we would use the incentive tickets and what the rewards would be.
     I feel the biggest benefit to using Accountable Kids has been the seamless parenting connection between me and my husband! Before using the program, Daniel would get home from work and he wouldn't know what we did that day or where we were in our routine.  We would also struggle with standing together on rewards and discipline, because we didn't have a set system.  Accountable Kids made it easy for us to create our household rules and initiate them.  The girls are no longer receiving different answers from each parent and Daniel loves being included on the expectations and rewards system we use throughout the day.
     I am also elated at the fact that my kids are learning independence and responsibility through the Accountable Kids program.  We have been using the system for only two weeks, and my 5 year old is showing much more maturity in taking initiative and responsibility for her own tasks.  My other daughter is only two and a half, but she has also improved in her willingness to follow directions because of the system.  She follows her big sister's example and she feels included in the family routine by following her reminder cards.

     I purchased the Basic Startup Package for $45, which I think is very affordable for what is offered.  And each additional peg board is only $25, which is nice for families with multiple children.  I am so happy with the results we've had from using Accountable Kids.  Our entire family has benefited from the system.  I would rate this program a 5 out of 5, and I highly recommend the product.

P.S. A little tip for my fellow mommy bloggers - Accountable Kids has an incentive program for blog reviews! Yay!  Check it out here: BLOGGING REVIEWS

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