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GPALOVEMATH Program by Great Parents Academy (GPA) {Review}

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     I'd like to tell you about a math program that Marley has been doing.  It's called GPALOVEMATH by GPA LEARN.  GPA stands for Great Parents Academy, and like the company name implies the program allows parents to supervise their child's math progress.  Marley has loved this program.
     GPALOVEMATH is an online math program that provides math instruction, practice, and quizzes in the form games lead by a fun character.  The animated character talks to the student and teaches them step by step how to use the program and how to play the game and complete the quiz.  The program is broken down to provide tutorials first and then a practice quiz and finally a real quiz.
 Marley can't read the questions on her own yet, so it was nice that she could click on the question and have the character read it to her.  This was nice for me because she was able to operate the lessons on her own.  And because there is so much practice, it was pretty easy for Marley to get all the answers correct.  I felt it made her feel independent and gave her a sense of what test taking would be like.  The kindergarten level is led by a detective character trying to crack a case.  It starts out by covering identification of numbers in numeral form and in word form.  They teach the student how to count using pictures of objects, animals, and manipulatives.  There are also levels to cover colors.  This program also tracks your child's progress.
     Marley's favorite part is that after completing a quiz she is rewarded points to use in the prize store.  The prize store provides many ways to reward your child in your home and you can customize the prizes as well.  For example, they have the option to reward your child by "going to get frozen yogurt" but I know my daughter likes Jamba Juice better, so I customized one of the prizes to be a "trip to Jamba Juice."  Since I felt my daughter was too young to use the points to purchase prizes, I adjusted the "surprise" prize so that every time she completed 2 or 3 quizzes, a prize popped up automatically.  One of her favorite prizes was "stay up after bedtime for 30 more minutes."  Most of the prizes do not cost money and are easy to provide.  
     The prize incentives were great.  Marley was coming up to me daily and asking, "Can I do more homework today?" because she knew she would get another surprise reward.  I also LOVED the prize category called "Bonding Time" because all the prize ideas there are about spending quality time with your student as a reward.  How adorable is that?  Anything that encourages fun family time is a great thing.  I was impressed that the program had those reward and choices.  Very family friendly! :)
     The program creates two separate accounts.  One for the student and one for the parent.  So the student would log into their account to continue the levels.  The parent may log onto their account to see the student's progress and to adjust the prize store.  Another great feature is that you can adjust the settings of the program to send you a notification email every time your child completes a level/quiz.  The child may also "nudge" you (reminder email) to remember to give them a prize if they haven't received it yet.  Haha. I thought that was a cute feature.
     The only thing I would criticize is that the voice of the instructions is computer generated (not a human voice) so sometimes understanding what they are saying was unclear.  But if your child can read the questions, that is not a problem.  Some of the questions on the quizzes were worded in a confusing way.  But I find that is true of all tests throughout life.  
     This online program is $149 per year or $12.99 per month.  
     Overall, we really enjoy the program and I am excited to continue it with Marley.  Before this, I was lacking in math curriculum for her and now I feel I have a better understanding of her level and abilities in mathematics.  It has helped me start thinking about what route to take for that subject, and its been fun for her.        
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