Friday, February 6, 2015

Homeschooling Dads: When Our Sweethearts Homeschool...

     With Valentine's Day only a week away, I thought it appropriate to dedicate a post to our beloved sweethearts.
My husband with Marley and Dylan at Yosemite.
Hiking and learning about the Giant Sequoias.

     One of my most favorite things about homeschooling is seeing daddies take an active role in the process.  Luckily, my husband is 100% supportive of our decision to homeschool.  He finds it enjoyable to be involved in all the educational experiences, and he even comes up with some great ideas to include in our curriculum! I love it!!
     I saw a couple photos of dads teaching their children, and I was inspired to write a blog post about it.  Usually, dads are at work the majority of the day and cannot engage in most of the activities we plan.  However, there are some very dedicated dads who make sure to find some time to take an active role in educating their children.  These dads are, well, for lack of a better word...AWESOME!  I had some homeschoolers send me photos of their husbands leading some homeschool activities and enriching their children's education.  These photos are just darling!!

     Here is Randy and his son Edan learning how to take care of a garden, making tissue box shoes for lace-tying practice, and constructing a bird feeder.  Way to go Randy!

     Here is another dad constructing with legos with his daughter and helping his son build with wood.  Great job!

      This is 5 year old Joshua with his daddy at the zoo, taking a closer look at the elephant and rhinoceros. Adorable.

     Here is Taylor, Brent, and their dad building lego sets together.  Aww, legos are a timeless activity!

     The photos below were sent in by Cassi, who says, "What we have learned as a homeschool family is that it's not always about the quantity of time, but more about the quality of time. When your there BE THERE COMPLETELY!!!"  Dad helped his kids build a windmill to charge a AA battery.  Checking out the space station.  Enjoying a football game.  And just doing homework together.  Wow, looks like lots of fun!

     This daddy took some time to build with legos with his kids and also give them some pointers on firearm safety. Haha ;)

     Here is Don teaching about the brain and teaching his son Caleb about the surface of Mars.  Uh oh, looks like an alien attack! Heehee ;)

     Here is a dad AND a grandpa assisting with some archery practice with their little ones. Awww, love it.



     This is dad Shane with his family: Christina, Jon, Sam, and Ben; as they volunteer their time at Feed My Starving Children.  Keep up the good work!

     These last two photos were taken by personal friends of mine.  They are not homeschoolers, but they were able to capture precious teaching moments between their husbands and little ones.

     Here is Nicole's husband and their two sons.  She shared the photo expressing that seeing her husband teach their sons how to use tools & build was a precious moment. <3

          This is Sara's son sitting with dad in front of their map.  Sara said her husband was giving his son a fun geography lesson by discussing where different cartoon characters live throughout the world.  Haha.  Love it!
     This Valentine's Day, take a moment to hug your sweetheart and thank him for his involvement with your children.  These efforts make all the difference in the world to our kids.  Our children are cherishing these moments in their hearts.  They are not only learning skills and concepts, but more importantly, they are learning that their dads love and respect them.  They will grow up knowing their dads believe in them and are always there to support and encourage them.  This is an invaluable lesson that is guaranteed to pave the way for happiness in their lives.  
     To all those devoted daddies..THANK YOU! <3