Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidents Day - Field Trip to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum

     On Presidents Day, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum gives free admission and cherry pie to the first 300 guests.  Such a fun way to celebrate the day and to experience an educational feel trip with the family!  We arrived a half hour early and barely made the cut, but as you can see..we got our cherry pie and my girls were thrilled about it.
Yummy cherry pie!

     This was my first visit to the museum and I was very impressed.  Inside the museum there were interesting facts at every corner.  The rooms were gorgeous and full of educational information and historical significance.
Marley posing as if fascinated. Haha. Silly girl.
Our future leaders. ;)
"DO NOT TOUCH" - What better place to break the rules than the Nixon Museum.  Haha, just kidding! My Dylan is always getting into trouble. 
The Declaration of Independence is my favorite!
     The grounds were beautiful and I loved that there were plenty of grassy areas where children can run and play.  We sat in the middle of the courtyard and ate our lunch on the lawn.  It was a perfect sunny and beautiful day for the occasion!

We got to go inside of the presidential helicopter.  Dylan was especially excited about it.

     My girls are still a little too young to really appreciate what is offered, but they still had a great time and said they would love to come back.