Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pants Refashioned to Lace Trim Shorts

     What do you do when your little girl is so active that she thrashes her clothes?  Throw them away...or make them work.  Today I attempted to make them work.
     These grey pants from Old Navy had gnarly holes at the knees, so I cut right above the holes and hemmed them to be shorts.  When I put them on Marley, she asked if they were boy shorts, haha!  I said, "No, they are girl shorts, but we can make them look more like girl shorts."  I rummaged through my sewing supplies and found some cute lace trim.  Perfect!  I just added the lace trim to the ends and it made all the difference.  Marley loves her new shorts.  Her response was, "Oooh, these are so cute!"  Such a girl!


 So we ended up having a lesson on being resourceful and creative with clothes.  It was a nice project I could do beside my daughter for Home Ec this week. ;)