Monday, January 26, 2015

Field Trip to Creamistry! Ice Cream Made with Liquid Nitrogen (Science Fun for Kids)

     What better way to engage your child in a scientific activity than to eat some ICE CREAM!  We heard about a new way of serving ice cream.  Some places are specializing in making the ice cream right in front of you by freezing it with liquid Nitrogen.  Science experiment meets ice cold deliciousness.   Sounds perfect!  For our Family Night we decided to do a field trip to our local Creamistry.  Before we went, I did a basic explanation of elements and Nitrogen to my daughter (almost 5).  Obviously this kind of information won't sink in completely, but I think it's appropriate and respectful to try to explain things to young ones.  I told her we were going somewhere to see how liquid Nitrogen works.  She was excited, and she didn't even know we were going to eat ice cream.  I wanted to keep that part a surprise. ;)  She even asked, "Can we go get ice cream after the science experiment?" Hahaha.  We said we'd think about it.
     She had the biggest smile when we walked in and she saw all the yummy toppings.  Her dad enjoyed explaining the process to her and giving a few quick facts about Nitrogen.  And when the liquid Nitrogen started going, it was all smiles.  Marley loved the whole thing!  And our whole family loved eating the finished products.

Here are some awesome educational links that can supplement a field trip to Creamistry or Sub Zero Ice Cream.

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