Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Halloween Costumes for Couples & Families...and a sneak peek at our costumes for this year!

     My husband and I have been married for 8 years now and we have had a blast dressing in matching Halloween costumes every year!  Here are ALL of our Halloween costumes over the years.  Watch our family grow through Halloween fun!

2006 - PIRATES: The Captain & Pirate's Wench
     We volunteered at my preschool carnival to make and distribute cotton candy.  The kids loved the pirate talk. Aaaarrrrgggg!!
2007 - FAMOUS COUPLES: Darth Vader & Padme
     Romance + the Dark Side = quality entertainment!
2008 - SPORTS: Football Player & Hockey Player
     Sports are timeless and usually pretty easy DIY costumes.  Daniel and I both had ice hockey gear already, so he dressed as a hockey player and I used my hockey pads and got a cheap jersey and helmet to complete my football player costume.
2009 - STAR WARS: Darth Vader & Yoda
     Star Wars is another classic theme.  I chose to dress up as Yoda because I was pregnant at the time and preferred to wear a comfortable robe and cloak over my big baby belly.
2010 - SCI-FI: Men In Black & Alien Baby
     These were my favorite halloween costumes! Very original and super cheap.  Daniel and I dressed in our black suit apparel to be Men In Black.  I dressed my baby girl in all lime green clothes and sewed on black felt pieces to her beanie to create the alien face.  This one was a huge hit!
2010 - THE 80s: Punk Rockers
     We were invited to a pre-Halloween gathering and I wanted to keep our Men In Black costumes secret, so we all whipped out our rock band gear and dressed up like 80s punk rockers.  80s is always a fun option.  Neon, layers, belts, and headbands. Fun!
2011 - FAIRY TALES: Little Red Riding Hood , Grannie, & The Big Bad Wolf
     Fairy Tales are so adorable and when I pictured my girl in that sweet little red hood, I was hooked!
2012 - DISNEY: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel , & Pascal
     My daughter chose to be Rapunzel, so naturally I made sure the rest of the family matched.  I had my second baby just a few weeks prior so she was tiny and perfect as pascal.  I actually purchased a lizard costume from a pet store for $10 and strapped it on my baby's back. It worked out well. Haha!
2013 - CLASSIC TV SHOWS: Punky Brewster, Brandon, Henry, & Cherie
     My child hood hero was Punky Brewster, so I was thrilled when my daughter asked to be Punky for Halloween.  We have the DVDs so even though Marley is about 30 years removed from that time, she is still a Punky fan.  I dressed as her best friend Cherie.  My husband was Henry, and Dylan dressed up as Brandon the dog. I think these costumes took the most effort to piece together.  My mom sewed the Punky vest for my daughter.  And I had to search far and wide for the perfect golden retriever costume and Henry's hat.  It was a lot of work but was also a big hit.  It even landed Marley on the news for original costumes in Hollywood.  Also, we were recently notified that Soleil Moon Frye (the real Punky Brewster) had seen our family costumes and really liked them.  I was quite flattered that she took the time to see them and comment on them.
And this year...*drum roll please*... we've decided to dress as...

2014 - PATRIOTIC AMERICAN SYMBOLS: The Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, & 2 Rosie Riveters
     We already had made Marley's costume for a 4th of July Show she was in this past summer. She loved being the Statue of Liberty, so we decided to re-use it and have the rest of our family dress to match.  We bought Uncle Sam's Wig and Goatee Set , and White Top Hat (I had to add the blue strip and stars from construction paper) on Amazon.com, and the polka dot wire headbands we found on eBay.  We are so excited about our costumes this year.  God Bless America!