Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Homeschooling Is Awesome: Reason #3 - Learning Becomes Contagious (MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS)

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     When your primary directive is to learn, education becomes part of your family culture.

     I have been researching curriculums and programs for years.  It made my head spin and I became overwhelmed with all the options!  At first I was frustrated and close to giving up on the homeschooling idea. But then I realized that there are unlimited educational resources all around us.  This is a great thing!  The possibilities are limitless.  Sharing this with my husband, allowed him to start looking at everything as an educational opportunity.

     For example: While walking into Home Depot on a Saturday morning, my husband noticed the free children's workshop taking place.  He said, "Hey, I should do this with the kids and start them on early homeschool wood-shop."  I was so incredibly proud of my husband!  He is excited to take part in the teaching opportunities.  Just the idea of homeschool has put us both in the frame of mind to seek out knowledge and education wherever it is offered.

     Marley catches on to learning opportunities very quickly and often takes them further than I intended.  When I start asking her to observe something and ask her questions about it, she begins to make observations on her own!  She even starts to ask me questions to help me learn.  I love it! It becomes an innate desire to ask and learn.

     I have already witnessed how homeschooling can have a wonderful impact on younger siblings.  Marley's little sister Dylan copies almost everything Marley does.  Dylan is only 2 years old and she enjoys learning her alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.  She hears Marley answer questions and Dylan starts to answer them also.  She is enjoying our "school time" because we all engage in the activities together.  She always wants to be involved in the activities, even tracing and writing. Dylan says "I want it too." "I help too." "I know it too." It is so precious.  Watching her older sister really encourages her to participate in the ongoing learning in our home.

     We have watched less television and become less concerned with things in life that seem insignificant. We have read more books, done more scripture study, and engaged in more memorable experiences together. The overall perspective in our home has become about exploring possibilities and seizing learning opportunities. And the journey has just begun.  We are excited!