Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catching Up #1: Disney Schooling

     Since I have had so many valuable homeschooling adventures already, I need to go back and document some of them.

     Back in September, we were fortunate enough to participate in "Not Back To School Day" at DiSNEYLAND! We are avid pass holders and I was so excited to learn of this annual event.  We went and met a few fellow homeschoolers and had a great time on a very uncrowded day, since most kids were actually in school. ;)  We were able to really enjoy the park and meet many princesses and actually stay and chat with them.  My girls had a lovely day.


     I met a homeschool family I adored. They had at least 5 kids and all the kids were polite, well spoken, and outgoing.  One little girl was obviously a bookworm, as she buried her nose in a novel after smiling at me and saying "Hello" during introductions. I loved that the whole family was friendly, intellectual, and NORMAL. I say that jokingly, since my husband often jokes about homeschooling kids being weird kids with problems.  We know its not true, but it is refreshing to meet wonderful families who are homeschoolers.

It was on this day that I realized, my children might be missing out on a lot of things most children in public school will be doing, but the children in public school will be missing out on all the extraordinary things we will be doing as well. We are all having memorable experiences. And again the world is just as it should be.

           I also have big plans for homeschooling using Disneyland. Stay tuned for that!