Thursday, November 14, 2013

Deciding to Homeschool: 1st Day Jitters

     I knew I wanted to homeschool since I was pregnant with this little princess.  I had never thought about it before. It was just an instinct that told me it was the best thing for my child.  And I stress "...for my child." I do not judge or criticize the decision to choose other methods of education.  I firmly believe that all children are different and need different things.  I have faith that loving parents are blessed with the tools to make the right decisions for their own children. 

     The more I researched my options and thought and prayed about it, I knew more firmly that homeschooling would be my choice. So when it came time to look at preschools, I was so excited that I had already had many years experience as a preschool teacher (my occupation choice to get me through college). It has been so easy to plan out activities, games, books, etc. Go me!

     However, I still have all the insecurities, and reservations most people have when contemplating the homeschool journey.  I still wonder if I'll be holding my children back. I still think they might miss out on all the fun things their friends will be doing.  I still fear that they won't properly learn how to interact with others. I still hope we can live off one income, since I will not be returning to work.  When I drop to my knees to ask my Heavenly Father, "Please, can't I just decide to do public school? Can't I just do what most people are doing?" I get the spiritual support I need to continue with my own decision.  I get that little voice in my head saying, "Sure you can. You can choose public school. But you know you can do this. And you know that your children will have an amazing experience in the process. It's your decision." Well played little voice, well played.

     This Fall we did it! We started our 1st preschool year at home.  I downloaded my curriculum from Confessions of A Slacker Mom (I loved her simple and laid out preK activities based on scriptures, and its all FREE). My daughter enjoyed the "school" routine and was very happy to sit and learn with mom. 

     My absolute favorite part is that we begin each lesson with a prayer and we end them with a hug. When I wrap up the lesson using supportive words, I see my daughter's face light up, and I am confident that I am the best teacher she will ever have.  This is exactly what I had hoped for! I know I am in for some struggles and stress and tears in the future challenges of homeschooling, but I know in my heart this is right.