Friday, March 6, 2015

Egglo Entertainment: Easter Eggs That GLOW! {Review}

     With Easter coming up, we need to start thinking about our plans and ways to celebrate the holiday.  Our church usually puts together a small and simple Easter egg hunt.  It is always fun.  But I think one of the biggest concerns that most religious people have about Easter is that we celebrate without fully grasping the purpose of the holiday and remembering the meaning of Easter.  Easter is about the atonement of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  It signifies the importance of his crucifixion and resurrection.  We celebrate Easter to pay respect to his suffering for us and our salvation.  These things don't normally come across in a basic Easter egg hunt.  And don't even get me started on the ridiculous tradition of the Easter Bunny. ;)  When I heard about Egglo Easter Eggs, I was so excited to try them out!
     These Egglo Easter Eggs are made by Egglo Entertainment, and they actually glow in the dark!  The idea behind these eggs, is that you can provide an Easter Egg Hunt for your kids, but explain to them that part of celebrating Easter is trying to find the "Light of Christ."  I LOVED the concept right away!  Egglo Entertainment also offers many products sold separately that can enhance the experience of these glow-in-the-dark eggs.  They have mini scrolls with scriptures, that can be placed inside the eggs.  They have stickers that can be purchased.  They have an adorable storybook called the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure, which takes some children on an adventure through some bible scenarios.  I really liked the story and the illustrations were great!  Egglo Entertainment also offers a complete curriculum guide to go along with their products.  I thought the curriculum guide was very well done, with specific step by step instructions on how to put together an effective and spiritual Easter Egg Hunt.  All of these products are sold separately for fees ranging from $3 to $15, or they come in a package deal of $50.  I think the price is very reasonable considering it is something that can be used over and over again.

     We have a Family Night every Monday and this was a perfect opportunity to give the Egglo Eggs a try.  I read the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure to my kids.  The characters were cute and had relatable personalities.  In this story the kids go on an adventure looking for a glowing Easter egg.  The story was fun and kept their attention.  I did a brief explanation of why we celebrate Easter and said, "Now we are going to go find the light of Christ."  We turned out the lights and let the kids find their eggs.  They had a blast and were excited to find the glowing eggs hidden throughout the house.  We placed a starburst and a scripture scroll inside each egg.  The girls ate their candy happily and were excited to open up the scrolls and have us read it to them.  It was a great way to integrate scripture study and spiritual remembrance of our Savior.
     My only criticism is that the eggs need to be placed under light for at least a half hour in order for them to glow, but that is the case with any glowing products.  When they are ready to glow the glow is bright enough to see in the dark, but the eggs do not glow super bright by any means.
     One of the best parts about the eggs is that you can use them year after year.  I plan to recommend these eggs to my church for their next Easter activity, since all these products can easily be adapted to fit any Christian church.  But I am thrilled I have the opportunity to use these with my kids for Easter or other fun activities as a family.  They loved the eggs so much, that I had to hide them. Haha! ;)
I really love these glow-in-the-dark-eggs and I am confident it will continue to bring a more spiritual experience to our family Easter tradition.
Thanks Egglo Entertainment! God Bless.
Egglo Entertainment Review

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