Monday, December 8, 2014

Pregnancy, Labor, & Childbirth with doTERRA: Review & Special Offers!

     I am not a complete skeptic when it comes to essential oils, but I had never been a "believer" because I had never tried them.  I was given the opportunity to try out a sample set of doTERRA Oils that were customized to my current needs.  I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, so I was looking for anything I could apply to help with sleep, labor, childbirth, and a new baby.
     My doTERRA rep, Jennifer, was very helpful in recommending specific oils for my circumstances.  Thanks Jennifer!

     I told Jennifer that both my husband and I were having a hard time sleeping soundly at night.  She recommended the Serenity blend.  We put a few drops on our pillow and on the soles of our feet.  I started getting a much deeper sleep right away!  My husband did too.  When I asked him how he slept, he said he had a great sleep and had vivid dreams for the first time in a long time.  I told him it was probably the Serenity, but he laughed and said, "I don't think so."  But guess what? He kept using it. ;)

     I was told that the Clary Sage oil should help labor progress.  This is something I desperately need.  My usual pattern with childbirth is a couple weeks of early labor and 2-3 days of active labor.  Crazy right?  I think my cervix is made of steel. Haha!  But I used the Clary Sage as indicated, by rubbing it on my belly occasionally and putting a few drops on my pillow to inhale during labor.  I didn't feel like it helped too much, since I still had a very long labor.  Dang it!  However, when my doctor checked me on my due date, I had dilated to almost 3cm.  For most women, this is not a big deal, but for me I was pleasantly surprised.  On both of my prior labors I was at a zero on my due date.  I couldn't help wonder if the oil had helped prep my cervix a little bit.  Who knows.

     Many women that deliver vaginally experience tearing.  I was given Helichrysum to do a perineum massage for a few weeks prior to delivery.  It is said to prevent tearing and swelling from when the baby comes through the birth canal.  My main problem was it was difficult for me to remember to do the massage.  I tried to make it a habit every time I took a shower, but sometimes I would forget.  I'd say I did this a few times per week.  I am very happy to report that this seemed to work for me! I barely tore at all.  My doctor said she only put one stitch and I didn't even really need it.  Recovery has been a breeze.  Yay for Helichrysum! (By the way, I still have no idea how to pronounce this name. LOL)

     The idea of using Frankincense on my baby boy was just too cute!..especially around Christmas time! ;)  But when I actually researched why Frankincense was given to Baby Jesus, I found it quite interesting.
     At the time Frankincense was considered a very valuable aromatic resin.  It was taken from the bark of a tree and burned as incense.  Biblically (Exodus 30:34), frankincense was described to have elements needed for Priesthood holy prayer.  They say the gift may have been given to Baby Jesus symbolizing his status as a Holy High Priest.  Huh...interesting!
     In present day, essential oil users use Frankincense to rejuvenate skin, uplift moods, boost the immune system and several more uses.  When I used a few drops of this oil (and the Balance blend) on my baby's head and on his feet, I felt the scent and application would help him develop physically, emotionally, and fight off risk of ailments.  It was a comforting moment and I would use them again on my babies, purely for the calming bonding moment between me and my son.  Side note: I am not sure if this has anything to do with the use of oils, but my baby boy has been an awesome sleeper from day one and is very easy going.  Maybe the Balance blend helped him through that initial development outside the womb and provided a calm feeling.  Here is my precious little guy in one of his many deep sleeps.  So peaceful.

     I was also given a sample of Deep Blue Rub, which is a cream that relieves soreness of muscles.  I spent a long night out with the girls at Disneyland trying to walk myself into labor.  No such luck; I didn't get anywhere close to labor, but I did give myself some very sore calf muscles, haha.  I used the Deep Blue cream on my legs and I felt relief within about 10 minutes.  It was very nice.
     In addition to the oils, Jennifer sent me the doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste.  This product was a pleasant surprise.  I LOVE good dental hygiene! And I really liked this toothpaste.  It was very refreshing with a cinnamon taste, and after each use my mouth felt clean without the aftertaste of typical toothpaste chemicals.  This one I highly recommend.

     My favorite part about essential oils is that they provide us with an all natural alternative to available medicines.  I do not like using drug substances to cure ailments, but trying a holistic method of relieving pain or illness is fabulous!  Overall I was very impressed with the results of using the oils provided to me.  Personally, I found them to have about a 70% success rate.  I also think that the more you believe in the healing properties of the oils, the more success you will have with them.  I believe our brains have a way of shutting our bodies down when we are negative about something.  So, if you try out an essential oil with skepticism, it will most likely do nothing for you.  But if you are open minded, your body will more easily accept the healing properties of the oils.  I will gladly continue to use doTERRA Oils since they have proved efficient enough for me to try in other circumstances.  Please refer to the offer below to redeem your doTERRA discount and subscription.  I hope they are able to prove valuable in your homes.  These would make perfect holiday gifts for family and friends, by providing health and wellness to loved ones.
Best wishes!

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