Saturday, November 15, 2014


     I am still here, I promise! And counting down the days until my due date. About 2 more weeks!
     I am getting slower, flakier, and more forgetful everyday.  And the irony?...I'm actually adding another child to the family.  Like I can actually handle more responsibility. Hahahaha. XD

     Homeschool? Don't even ask.  Thank goodness for Bill Nye the Science Guy and PBS Kids Network.  At least I feel like the television shows my kids have been watching are semi-educational.  
     It's okay.  My kids are still so young and they just need to play to keep their minds going.  I will be grateful for when this baby is born and my girls have each other to entertain.  When I had my second baby, I had awful guilt meltdowns from ignoring Marley.  Poor baby would want me to play with her and hold her and I just couldn't do it.  It was horrible!

    But I'm hanging in there and hoping this thing happens soon.  Bleh! How can the most natural thing in the world seem SO unnatural?