Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Farm Animals Unit Study

APPLICABLE DISNEYLAND SPOTS: Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo - One of my daughter's favorite spots at Disneyland is the petting zoo.  Children can pet and interact with goats and sheep.  Each animal has a name tag with a Disney themed name.  I like to point them out to M and have her read them back to me.  Occasionally they will have a cow or horse at the petting zoo as well.

WEEK 1 - Sheep
WEEK 2 - Pigs
WEEK 3 - Cows
WEEK 4 - Ducks
WEEK 5 - Spiders

CHAPTER BOOK: Charlotte’s Web

- Lena’s Sleep Sheep
- The Sheep Shenanigans
- There’s A Pig In My Class
- Olympig!
- Peppa Pig
- Click Clack Moo
- Are You A Cow?
- Cock A Doodle Oops
- Duck To The Rescue
- Duck Duck Moose
- Itsy Bitsy Spider and Itsy Bitsy Beetle
- Little Miss Muffet Counts to Ten
- Doug Unplugs On the Farm
Muddy Pig

- Toilet Roll Sheep 
Dangling Spider Web

- Play with toy barn and plastic animals
- Dress up like farm animals
- Perfect your animal sounds.

DISCUSSION: Barnyard animals; What do they eat?; What sounds do they make?

- Make milkshakes – Discuss where milk comes from
- Make scrambled eggs - Discuss eggs and where they come from.

FIELD TRIP: Visit a local farm.

- Lambert The Sheepish Lion
- Boundin’ Pixar Short Film
- The Three Little Pigs
- Charlotte’s Web
- Babe
- Ferdinand the Bull
- Home On The Range
- Big Top Pee Wee
- ON NETFLIX: Owd Bob, Charlotte's Web (live action), Rock-A-Doodle