Monday, April 7, 2014

One Room Schoolhouse for Little Ones

      Today I used the same preschool lesson for my almost four year old and my one and a half year old.  Marley went ahead and did her usual daily lesson, but this time her little sister expressed interest.  Marley invited her sister to sit with her and they sang the ABCs together.  While Marley played her Starfall letter games, Dylan watched happily.

     When it came time for art/creative play, I sat both of them together and they engaged in the activity with enthusiasm.  Marley was very excited to share the "school" experience with her little sister.  It made my heart full to hear Marley say things like "Good job Dylan!" and "That's so beautiful."  Hearing her supportive, encouraging words made me emotional.  Precious moment.

     I would love to give the one-room schoolhouse method a try.  It may not work perfectly for later years and additional children, but for now I am confident it will be effective and fun for all of us.