Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

I did a brief explanation of Chinese New Year with M today. We then read Sam and the Lucky Money. A very sweet book about a boy who discovers how to be selfless.  It is a beautiful story and perfect for preschoolers.

RED ENVELOPE - We then made our own red envelope by cutting out a piece of red paper in this shape. I then drew the Chinese lucky fortune symbol on it and gave M some glue and sparkly decorations to use.  I love these kind of art projects that exercise fine motor skills and also cause her to be focused and quiet for a long while.  She was very excited to get her own dollar bill in her red envelope to spend however she wants. Dollar Store, here we come!

YEAR OF THE HORSE - I also informed M that this year is considered the year of the horse.  She enjoys doing Do-A-Dot pictures, so I printed out a horse outline and allowed her to color it with dots.

Here are two other art projects I thought were cute, but I didn't get around to preparing.


I like using the current season or holidays to create preschool activities. It's much easier than actually being creative. Haha. ;)