Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Are Thankful

     I am a little apprehensive to teach the Pilgrim-Native American story. I remember as a child thinking it all sounded kind of cheesy. Once I was old enough to research the actual origin on my own, I was disappointed to find that the actual friendly-feast was not at all like the Thanksgiving feast we were taught about in school. And don't even get me started on the betrayal and horrible crimes against humanity that followed between those "friends".  I'll get off my soapbox now. ;)
     Preschoolers need simplicity, so I found a cute story read aloud on YouTube.  "The Story of Thanksgiving".  This book refers to Pilgrims and Native Americans, the Mayflower, and the feast. It gives a basic account of the event. But does not go too much in depth. For M's age, I thought it was perfect for the purposes of learning why, when, and how.
     However, I like to focus this holiday more on being grateful for what we have and thanking our Heavenly Father for those things.

Here are a few of the Thanksgiving activities we did this week:

TURKEY HANDPRINTS - How cute are these handprints? As you can see, my 1 year old did not like the paint. But I love that smudgy little turkey so much! It really displays how difficult and funny it was trying to get her tiny hand to open up.

PAPER TURKEY - I cut out all the basic pieces. I had M help by cutting the fringe part of the feathers. She loves cutting, so she was very excited to do this part. She glued it all together herself.
Very proud of her Paper Turkey
PUMPKIN PANCAKES - These turned out SO delicious! Breakfast for dinner on Thanksgiving Eve sounds great to me.