Tuesday, January 24, 2017

DisneySchool ~ Peter Pan ~

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust will spark a love for learning in any child or grown up with the heart of a child.  We were able to learn about many new subjects through the guidance of JM Barrie and Walt Disney.  Check it out and participate in the magical education of Disney.

Big Ben

Break out the world map and show your children where Peter Pan takes place - London, England.  You can even pull up a more detailed map of England and show them exactly where Big Ben stands.  My kids were absolutely fascinated that the clock Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, and John stand on actually exists!  Now they are determined to one day fly to London... On a plane though. ;)


Second Star to the Right

No, unfortunately you won't be able to find the real star called Neverland.  But star gazing with your children will be a memorable activity.  Bundle up, lay out on a blanket, and check out the night skies! You can however ask your children if they can find the second star to the right' see what they come up with.  This is a great opportunity to discuss stars and constellations.
OSR Star Finder [found at https://appsto.re/us/cjlz4.i] is awesome! My kids love using it to find where the constellations are and to identify which stars we are seeing. There is also an app called Star Chart which has more details and names of individual stars.


Find Your Shadow

Peter Pan's shadow takes on a life of it's own and therefore becomes a significant role in the story.  Our shadows can only detach themselves from us when we are off the ground, which explains why Peter Pan's shadow can so easily get away. Haha. 

But shadows are so fun for kids! My kids love to chase my shadow and try to step on it; turns into a fun game of "shadow tag."  One fun activity we did was go looking for Pan's shadow.  I told the kids that I bet if they turned on their imaginations, they could probably find it somewhere.  They had fun pointing out shadows that resembled Peter and trying to catch them.
While enjoying some Peter Pan themed activities, you can also discuss the properties of

shadows; introduce the science of light and shadows. Trace shadows, color them in, create different shadows using objects, or play shadow puppets on the wall.  I'd love to hear about your shadow activities. Comment below and tell me about your unique shadow experience with your children.


Think Happy Thoughts

For a simple writing assignment, ask your kids what their happy thoughts are and why.  They can write a short paragraph about them or younger non writers can dictate to you while you jot it down for them.  Remember to include their age and a picture they drew to go along with it.  You won't want to forget their happy thoughts so email it to yourself, post it on Facebook or Instagram.

We are charmed by the concept of flying through faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.  We might not be able to physically soar into the sky, but happy thoughts indeed have power beyond belief.  Just take a look at history - the biggest advancements and inspirational events were achieved through optimism and persistence, even in the face of doubt and codfish nay-sayers. ;)
As a parent you have the incredible opportunity to plant the seed of magic in your child.  Remind them that they are capable of anything.  That positive thinking and confidence will lead to miraculous achievements and the conquering of dreams.  Through happy thoughts, you will bring an endless supply of pixie dust into your home and into the hearts of your beloved family members.

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