Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DisneySchool ~ Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs ~

     Snow White was the first full length animated film, and appropriately has held a prominent place in our hearts.  This classic is filled with beauty and elegance.  And the concepts within the plot can easily lead into several educational directions.

Life Skills
An obvious topic for Snow White is apples! We talked about different types of apples.  We sampled different apples.  We discussed our favorite apples.  We also went over the components of an apple.  And we even learned how to cook with apples.  There are a plethora of recipes for apples out there, and many of them are delicious! 


Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Reflective surfaces, bending of light, symmetry... Mirrors are fascinating! There are so many experiements that can be done to reflect (no pun intended) the magic of mirrors.  Marley loved learning how to bend light and we even talked about how it can be a way to send emergency messages to someone. Haha.


Eight Lessons on Mirrors [An EXCELLENT resource for mirror lessons]


Most Disney fans are familiar with the "Dig Dig" scene in Snow White; the seven dwarfs work happily to collect gems of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Did you know there are several gem mines throughout the U.S.? I doubt these mines glitter like the ones in the movie, but these mines are known to have rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds.  I had no knowledge of gem mining until I looked it up, and it certainly peaked my interest as a treasure hunter, so it should be fascinating to kids as well.  Most of these mines are open for visitors to look for gems for a fee.  Vocabulary Term: Sluice - a sliding gate or other device for controlling the flow of water, especially one in a lock gate; an act of rinsing or showering with water; wash or rinse freely with a stream or shower of water.


Language Arts

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Written and published in 1812 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, this tale of the fairest of all has made a lasting impression on the world.  Reading to my kids is one of my favorite things to do and reading the original versions of fairy tales has been so interesting.


Character Development

Most of us can relate to avoiding household chores.  When it comes time to do them, the time passed is not fun and it's not a joyful memory.  But Snow White set a charming standard for tidying up.  Just "Whistle While You Work"!  This gave us an opportunity to learn how to make cleaning up a little more enjoyable.  Instead of whistling, I played some our our favorite tunes while we picked up, dusted and wiped surfaces clean.  I was reminded of how awesome it can be to do some chores to music.  We twirled and swayed and laughed together.  This was probably one of my favorite activities so far.  But we all learned how to brighten up a task.

One of the more morbid concepts of Snow White is the heart.  We don't often want to dwell on the fact that the Wicked Queen wanted to rip out Snow White's heart as proof of her death. Not a pleasant idea.  However, it is a great way to start talking about the biology of hearts. ;)  After all, you may have some future cardiologists in your home! I enjoyed re-learning all the chambers and functions of the heart with my kids.  It is one of the more miraculous parts of the body that generally keeps us alive.


Snow White became a fantastic source of education.  I had no idea we could do and learn so much for our Snow White lesson plan.  Cooking, gemology, reflective surfaces, and cardiology!  We didn't even go in depth with these subjects.  For older children, it would be easy to do science projects and research papers in correlation with the concepts.
Have fun!  

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who is the most knowledgeable of them all?

You my queen, are gaining knowledge day by day..
But never compare; knowledge is gained differently for each in every way.

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