Monday, February 8, 2016

Conquer Evil By Doing Good

     Since I have chosen to educate my children at home, I am often told that I made a wise decision because of "how bad it's getting out there."    I agree.  There are many dangers in the world.  Political agendas are being pushed, terrorist attacks occur, criminals suffering from mental illness are hurting others, theft, deceit, anger, hatred, etc etc.  We see it all over the media.  Our fears are fueled by the negative things we observe and by the frightening rumors that spread across social media like wildfire.  But I don't believe it is that bad out there.  I really don't.
      I believe the bad things are shocking and appalling and often get reported more loudly because of the attention they receive.  The attention is often followed by feelings of fear and anger.  Anger and fear are the prime causes of mob-style retaliation.  It makes people want to blame and fight and yell and destroy.  These are the things that lead to our own destruction.
     But I am hopeful.  I believe the majority of us are not out to fight or destroy.  I believe there is still much more good in the world than there is bad.  And I choose to not give into fear or anger.  I choose to focus on the good.  The good is what keeps me going.  It is the beauty in the world that should be shared and remembered and emulated.  And there are examples happening all over the world at all times of the day.

**Remember when the Candy Bomber dropped parachutes with candy over the children of West Berlin?

**Remember when the American soldier stood up for the Muslim cashier?

**Remember when the entrepreneur aimed to help his fellow farmers rather than make a big profit?

**Remember when an average citizen gave a shivering stranger the shirt off his back?


**Remember when a father told his son that the loving gesture of flowers and candles is more powerful than guns?


**Remember when your heart was touched by a story like these and you were inspired to pay it forward with a random act of kindness and YOU became part of the ongoing miracle?

     It happens all the time; it happens every day! Most of these heroic moments go unnoticed because the heroes keep them private.  They find no need to shout it from the rooftops.  They are just comforted in knowing that they helped a fellow human being in need.  The heroes look past agendas, motives, and differences in beliefs; instead they see a neighbor, whom they will treat with love and respect, regardless of circumstances.  Remember these things are happening.  Encourage these things to continue by participating.  Help us eliminate feelings of judgement, fear, and anger by instead enhancing kindness, compassion, and charity.

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