Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Disneyland Candy Canes!

     Tis the season to partake of holiday treats! 
     Over at our favorite place, Disneyland, cast members are presenting the hand-crafting of several candy cane batches.  This special event takes place on specific days throughout the season at either Candy Palace in Disneyland or Trolley Treats in DCA.   And if you are lucky enough, or crazy enough to get up at the crack of dawn like we did... you can get a wristband to reserve one of the famous Disneyland Candy Canes.   The candy canes sell out within two hours of the park opening, which makes it necessary for people to reserve their order via wristband.  Only two wristbands are allowed per person, and each candy cane costs $12.99.  Pricey right? But the candy canes are ginormous! A family of four can easily share one of these candy canes.  I'm not the biggest fan of candy canes, but these candy canes were freshly made and were quite delicious! I will definitely buy one every year, if I get the chance.  
     We arrived just before the park opened and the girls were able to take a picture with "Sweet Caroline" the Disneyland Candy Cane symbol.  After receiving our wristbands we were told to return at a certain time to purchase our candy canes  Besides getting there super early, it was pretty easy.  While the kids ate their share, we watched the next batch being made.  There was a line to watch. A line! We waited a good 15 minutes just to step up to the window to watch them in action; but I felt the wait was worth the experience.   Marley loves watching the show "How It's Made" - it has become a fun staple in our homeschooling, so I knew she would appreciate watching the candy canes being created. Both of my girls were very interested in the process, and couldn't wait to get home to try the same methods out on their play dough. LOL.

- HERE IS A LINK to the YouTube video for How It's Made: Candy Canes.
- HERE IS A LINK to the origin of candy canes from How Products Are Made.
- Candy Cane Coloring Pages
- Candy Cane Playdough
- CandyCaneFacts.com

Check these resources out and make it part of your holiday lesson plan!

     Since it's Desmond's birthday this week, we decided to make it special for him.  He got to taste his very first candy, and what a privileged little man to have his very own freshly made holiday candy cane.  Obviously he felt like king of the day and immensely enjoyed it!   He was even sweet enough to share with momma. Heehee!
     His face was covered in candy cane drippings, which made cast members flock around and take lots of pictures.  We might see him pop up in a Disneyland Candy Cane ad. ;) 
     The experience was so much fun for all of us and it was a nice addition to our holiday activities.  Happy Holidays from Disneyland! 

Candy Cane Dates:

Candy Palace (Disneyland)
Friday, November 27 
Tuesday, December 1 
Friday, December 4 
Sunday, December 6 
Tuesday, December 8 
Friday, December 11 
Sunday, December 13 
Tuesday, December 15 
Friday, December 18 
Thursday, December 24

Trolley Treats  (DCA)
Saturday, November 28 
Monday, November 30 
Saturday, December 5 
Monday, December 7 
Wednesday, December 9 
Saturday, December 12 
Monday, December 14 
Wednesday, December 16 
Saturday, December 19 
Friday, December 25 

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