Thursday, November 5, 2015

Looking for Patrick: The Little Man of Disneyland

     Pssst.  I have a secret.  There is a little man who lives at Disneyland.  Yes, really! His name is Patrick Begorra and he was there long before it all began.  Little Golden Book released the story LITTLE MAN OF DISNEYLAND back in 1955 when the theme park first opened.  I introduced this story to Marley this past week and let me tell you... our experience was no less than magical.

     Together we read all about Patrick and the plans to build Disneyland.  It is a sweet little story and one of my favorites.  Marley listened carefully to every detail.  She loved this book!  The story does not indicate exactly where he lives, but it does say that he is still there somewhere.
     After reading the story, Marley and I set out to look for his home.  The search was the absolutely the most precious experience I've had at Disneyland! Marley took it all very seriously.  She held up her book at every large tree she saw, to try and find a match.  She was very quiet and did not want to tell anyone what we were looking for.

     And then... we found it!! I was able to get her reaction on video.  She was so excited, but kept it very quiet and even scolded her dad for speaking of it out loud around the crowds. Haha.  We observed and whispered a bit, speculating what he might be doing inside.  I couldn't help tearing up, being able to share this special memory with Marley.  I am happy to raise her believing in legends, fairy tales, and magic.

     I wanted to share this with others, because I believe everyone should be granted a chance to find the magic on their own.  I will give you a little peek at his actual door, but I would not feel right revealing where it is located (even though you can probably Google it, haha).  I will only go so far as to encourage you to keep your eye open for it if you are walking around Disneyland.  It's real and so is the magic of Disney.

     Patrick would like to keep his residence a secret because he likes his privacy.  So if you happen to find his little spot in the base of a tree, please whisper and do not call attention to it.  He is a supporter of the Happiest Place on Earth, but would rather keep his home happily peaceful and undisturbed. ;)  Thank you.

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