Sunday, July 26, 2015

Camp Google - A FREE Online Summer Camp for Kids!

     I am over the moon for Camp Google!  And how appropriate, being that we just finished Space Week. ;)  This was a hot topic amongst some local homeschoolers and I was grateful to hear about it from friends.  I also did a live broadcast on Periscope to inform my followers about this awesome educational opportunity for our kids.  I had a great response and followers were excited to share the info with their friends.  My Periscope review can be found HERE (minus the live comments and adorable floating hearts, haha).

     Camp Google is an educational summer program that is completely online.  The program is targeted for children ages 7-10, but the content can be modified for any age level.
     Camp Google provides four weeks of themes and activities for the participants.
     1. Ocean Week
     2. Space Week
     3. Nature Week
     4. Music Week

     Each week consists of one live streamed video, allowing the kids to interact with educational experts on each of the subjects.  If the live streaming is missed, no problem! The video is still available to watch later on.
     Each themed week will also provide three opportunities to earn badges.  There are usually a couple hands-on activities or experiments and an educational video to watch in order to officially earn the badges.    
     The badges are adorable printable paper badges that the children will cut out and paste to their "badge tracker."  The badge tracker is also printable and can be found on the website.  Here is how I displayed Marley's badge tracker:

     Marley is only 5 years old, but she has been having a great time participating in Camp Google. She looks forward to it every day and is very excited when she earns a badge.  Honestly, I've been enjoying the experience as well!  The content is simple, but interesting.  The activities are very quick and easy.  We have been learning and working together as a family; it's been a lot of fun.  I highly recommend Camp Google.  Stop by and check it out! We will be starting Nature Week tomorrow. Yay! Join us.
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