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La La Logic {Review} - Preschool Brain Exercises (Raise Your Preschooler's IQ by Playing Games)

La La Logic Review
     Marley and Dylan have been using an online learning program called La La Logic Preschool Curriculum and be prepared to hear me rave about how great it is in this review!  We La La LOVE this program! ;)
     La La Logic has created fun games and activities to help children develop their critical thinking skills.  But in addition to games and activities, the program includes an easy to follow schedule which takes the form of a substantial daily curriculum.  

     This online program is designed for ages 3-6, which worked out perfectly for my girls (ages 2.5 and 5).  I opened up an account for each of them.  You can have accounts for up to 5 children.  Each of my girls were able to choose their own little character icon.  Marley is the Elephant and Dylan is the Bumble Bee.  The program provides 100 weeks of lesson plans and over 500 online games.  The curriculum includes three distinct learning methods: 
     1) Brain Challenges
     2) Worksheets
     3) Extension Activities  

     My 5 year old, Marley really enjoyed the online brain challenges.  She would ask to do higher levels and more games. And Dylan (my 2 year old) struggled a bit with clicking the mouse but the practice has been great for her.  This program has helped her improve her computer skills by leaps and bounds.  The brain challenge portion became easy for me.  I just started the games and both of my girls were able to click right through the games and enjoy them without much help from me.  The brain challenges are very cute and have a variety of games, helpful for visual and audio learning.  The colors, shapes, and characters are very appealing for preschool aged children. 

     I think Marley liked the worksheet portion the best, because she enjoys hands on learning.  The worksheets require printing so a printer is needed.  The worksheets included visual thinking, categorizing, cutting, and gluing.  This was also very easy to prep for my 5 year old.  I would provide her with the worksheet, a pair of scissors, and a glue stick.  I gave her the instructions and she was excited to get started.  She completed the worksheets quickly and would look forward to another.  She would run up to me with a big smile and show me her completed worksheet.  The sound of "I finished mommy!" is such a sweet sound.  This is one where her critical thinking skills surprised me.  

     I asked her which categories the objects were placed in and I had in my mind that the 3rd column was "animals" but when Marley said "They are pets"  I looked again and I realized she was right!  Pets is a more specific category than animals.  She would have received a better score then me on that question. Haha.

     Here is another worksheet where I instructed Marley to match the animals to their shadows.  A fun and easy activity for her to do on her own.  
     My favorite part was participating in the extension activities.  Mainly because this portion included me and I was able to interact with my girls and watch them think and see the look in their eyes when they figured something out.  Those moments are priceless!  One of the activities was to lay out objects.  I asked her to look at them and remember what she saw.  I asked her to run to her room and I mixed up the items.  Her job was to place them in the original order. Then I started taking items away and she would ask where it went.  Marley enjoyed that tricky part.  She would laugh and say "Hey, where did you put it?" She LOVED this activity. We played for 20-30 minutes.

     I also appreciate the section where you can add notes to each week assignment.  I was able to record Marley's progress, and things she needs to work on, and if we should repeat the same week.  This makes it so easy to use this program as a self-paced curriculum.  I believe this is key to a successful education with young children.  Fun, variety, and no pressure.

     This online program is so simple and easy to do with your kids and I feel like it covers so many learning styles and thinking skills that are important, as well as prepping children with test taking skills. These activities help exercise the brain, while the children are having fun and feeling independent.  We used it at least 3 times per week and sometimes we used it every day! All of this for a one-time fee of $29 per household! (Your account never expires.)  Totally worth it!  I highly recommend this program for any preschooler or kindergarten student.  And for moms that would like to homeschool, but need some direction in lesson planning, this online program is super helpful.

La La Logic Review
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