Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sibling Rivalry - Does It Ever End?

     My daughters have recently developed a routine of playing happily together for a few hours and then out of nowhere being at each others throats.  They are only 4 and 2, so it isn't too bad.  Just a bunch of screaming and taking toys away from each other, and a whole lot of..."Moooooommmyyyyyy!  I don't get it.  But I never had a sister.  I only had one brother, and we got along all the time.  I don't ever remember fighting with him.  Our personalities worked well together, because I am a very proactive and passionate person whereas my brother has a very passive laid back personality.  He usually went along with what I said.  I guess that made it easy for us to get along.  But both of my girls are very stubborn and willful.  They both know what they want and stick to it.  I have talked with a few moms and they say it is normal.  Oh good!  But still, it drives me up the wall to hear them screaming at each other and fighting.  Especially when one moment they are best friends, like this...

 ...And the next minute is a "Stay on your side!" kind of day, like this...

     I try to encourage using calm words to express feelings. But when emotions are running high in a house with three females, things get a little crazy pretty fast.  We all end up yelling.  It's not good.  And obviously, sibling rivalry can make homeschooling quite challenging.  Not much can get done when they are in each other's space and antagonizing each other.  To us moms it seems so easy---can't they just get along?!  Why isn't it easy for them?
     So here is what I want to know:
     How do all you moms out there deal with sibling rivalry?  What situations have you faced and what have you learned from them?  Does it magically end one day?  I'm only a couple years into this adventure, so give me your bits of wisdom, and wish me luck. ;)