Friday, October 10, 2014

Skeleton Lesson Plan for Preschool (includes links to FREE printables, instructions, and videos)

     We are continuing with our Halloween theme for October, and next week we are studying SKELETONS!
     I am aware that some people are following my theme schedule for the year, so I have decided to post my lesson plans the weekend prior, so that anyone who is following along can have time to prep.  If anyone is interested in following a more detailed step-by-step schedule, here is the link to my Daily PreK Schedule.  I was able to do one activity this week with Marley as a fun preview to what we will be learning about next week.  

This is an outline of my Skeleton theme curriculum for the week:  


- Q-tip Skeleton

- Why We Have Bones (Option 1) (Option 2) 
- Make Your Own X-Ray
     I taped together two long strips of butcher paper and had Marley lay down so that I could trace her body.  I then drew in with pencil the major bones of the skeletal system.  I let her use a black marker to trace the bones.  Then I labeled the basic bones.  I did not ask her to copy the words, but she wanted to do it.  So she ended up writing the words below my labels.  It makes me so happy that she is always enthusiastic to do more work than I ask of her. :)