Monday, August 11, 2014

Disney School: Beginning our educational journey at the Magic Kingdom.

     DID YOU KNOW that the Matterhorn bobsled ride is based on the Matterhorn peak in the Pennine Alps between Switzerland and Italy?      

     DID YOU KNOW that Walt Disney was fascinated with Abraham Lincoln, which is why he decided to open "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" where audio-animatronics allows you to view Mr. Lincoln telling the tale of generations past and sharing his inspiring view of the future?
Matterhorn in Pennine Alps on left

     DID YOU KNOW that throughout Tomorrowland there are various edible plants like: lettuce, kale, artichokes, grapes, corn, beans, etc? The reason for this is Walt Disney envisioned a future where space and resources would be limited, therefore making most areas for growing our own produce.
     Disneyland is packed with interesting facts and educational directives. Our family adores Disneyland, so I think it's a perfect place to enjoy family fun and to stimulate learning and educational projects.  I am beginning to put together my Disneyland Curriculum for this Fall and I am getting super excited about it. My mind races with ideas and I get overwhelmed with all the projects and assignments we can do at Disneyland.

     Since my daughter is of preschool age, we have been focusing on letters and phonics.  So I want to start with posting my Disneyland Alphabet. By using the following alphabet, I plan to review at least a few letters and sounds each time we visit Disneyland.  I also created this simple chart that could be used as an alphabet checklist. I figured we could use it as a scavenger hunt list, or make goals to cover certain letters for the day.

     I also plan to focus on mastering her counting skills.  Counting is easy to apply anywhere you go, but remembering to do it isn't always easy.  Getting in the habit is the hard part. ;)
...And please comment if you can think of more words or things that can be spotted at Disneyland for the letters that seem to have stumped me (O, Q, V, X, Y, and Z). Thanks!


A – Alice, “All aboard!”, Ariel, Autopia, Aladdin, Astro Blasters

B – Belle, Balloons, Brer Patch, Bug’s Land, Blue Bayou, Big Thunder

C – Cars Land, Castle, Chesire Cat, Columbia ship, Canoes, Chip

D – Dumbo, Dinosaurs, Davy Jones, Donald Duck, Dapper Dans, Dale

E – Elephant, Eeyore, Exit signs (updated: Captain EO, Evil Queen, Enchanted, Elsa, Ears[Mickey or Dumbo, etc])

F – Fantasyland, Frozen, Fantasy Faire, Fireworks, Fastpass, Flick

G – Genie, Golden Horseshoe, Goofy, Grizzly River Run

H - Haunted Mansion, Horses, Hollywood Tower of Terror

I – Ice Cream, Information desk, Ice Crystals, Incredibles, Innoventions

J – Jungle Cruise, Jazz music, Jessie, Jasmine, Jafar, Jack Skellington

K – King Triton, King Arthur’s Carousel, Kodak picture spot

L -  Leaves, Lion, Lilo, Lamppost, Lightning McQueen

M - Magic Shop, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Main St., Monsters Inc, Matterhorn Bobsleds

N – Natives, Neverland (updated: Nemo, New Orleans Square, Nightmare Before Christmas, 

O – Owl, Old Flybait, Ocean, Olaf, Oranges

P – Pirates, Peter Pan, Potato Head, Photopass card, Pumbaa, Prince/Princess

Q – Queen of Hearts, Lightning McQueen (updated: French Quarter, Quasimodo)

R – Rivers of America, Roo, Rex, Roger Rabbit, Roller Coaster

S – Steamboat, Snake, Storybook Land, Snow White, Small World, Space Mountain

T – Train, Tinkerbell, Tarzan’s Treehouse, Three Caballeros, Tiki Room, Tigger

U – Ursula, Under the Sea, Underground (updated: Umbrellas, Up, Monsters University

V – Villain, AdVentureland (updated: Flo's V8 Cafe)

W – Walt Disney, World of Color, Woody, Winnie the Pooh, Wendy, Waterfall

X – PiXar, eXhausted, PiXie Hollow

Y – Yetti, DisneY

Z – Zip A Dee Doo Dah, Zurg, Zero (updated: Golden Zephyr, Zazu)