Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Preschool: Letter & Sight Word Matching Game

     When I first officially started homeschooling Marley, I made some Disney alphabet flashcards which have come in handy and we have used them often. I just downloaded the letters, and printed them out on regular paper and then took them to get laminated.  Marley loves them because she is a big Disney fan, as am I.

     Today I wanted to do a letter/sight word review.  I printed out about 20 basic sight words and taped them to note cards.  I laid out the Disney alphabet and handed her the stack of cards.  I instructed her to match the first letter of each word with the appropriate Disney letter.  We went over letter identification and reviewed some sight words.  She has her letters down, but is still learning to identify sight words.  It was nice to assess where her progress has brought her.  She had lots of fun (as you can see in the photo below) and once she got the hang of it, she played the game several times, attempting to go faster each time.  She was very proud to complete the activity by herself.

     After the game, I challenged Marley to write the sight words on her chalkboard.  She chose only a few cards and copied the words as best she could.  After writing those words and saying them out loud, she had definitely memorized those sight words more than the others.  Looks like this will be an exercise we practice regularly with more words. ;)