Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catching Up #4: Halloween Homeschooling

     I had no idea how much education is involved in Halloween! I mean, it is so important to learn how to carve a proper Jack O Lantern. Okay, maybe not a life changing lesson, but one that will stay with you for years to come.  
     My husband has enjoyed joining the homeschool quest. He is learning to turn everything into a learning opportunity.
     PUMPKIN CARVING - He carefully walked our daughter through the carving process and invited her to participate. I've noticed (at least in my daughter's case) many times the best way to learn is to be hands on.  
     PUMPKIN PAINTING - While painting our small pumpkins, I noticed we didn't have the colors my daughter wanted. The problem quickly turned into a lesson: we mixed colors to make other colors.  She learned that blue and red make purple, and that red and white make pink. 
     PUMPKIN SEED TOASTING -  I also taught my daughter how to toast pumpkin seeds on the stove. My tip: I do not rinse the seeds. I've noticed the seeds have a tastier pumpkin flavor. I like them extra toasty and then toss them with salt.  Delicious and healthy! 

     SLEEPY HOLLOW HISTORY - The week of Halloween, I made the lesson theme The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. My daughter loves anything spooky and scary, so I knew she would get a kick out of it.  Every day we talked about where and when the story took place. I showed her on a map where New England was.  She was only interested in these facts after we watched the Disney cartoon version of Sleepy Hollow. She asked to re-watch the cartoon several times that week. I let her watch it, as long as I could teach her another fact about the history behind the story. It was a great theme and I plan on reusing it next year, probably with some related art projects and crafts.