Monday, November 18, 2013

Ballet Class 2013

     One of my promises to my husband when agreeing to homeschool was to make sure our children participate in recreational social activities. Of course! Those are the things I will look forward to the most.  This year I picked ballet for M.  She was thrilled to go to each class, made lots of friends, and had a darling little recital on the last day of class.  She is very comfortable with other kids and makes friends easily. She also was very good at being patient waiting for her turn and following the teacher's instructions. So far so good! She had so much fun and ran into class on her tippy toes each time.

     Here are two out of hundreds of photos I took. And yes, I cried a bit. I'm such a sap and since I am a dancer, seeing my daughter passe and saute just made my heart glow! And as theatrical tradition goes, my husband brought M some flowers after the performance. She felt very special and could not stop smiling and talking. It was one of those mornings you wish you could re-live over and over. Priceless.
     I truly believe education in performing arts stimulates parts of the brain that are so important. Creativity, confidence, and artistic perception all enhance other skills in life.  She also became more physically coordinated and came home talking about growing healthy and strong. Loved it! I plan to always involve some sort of artistic activity for each theme we discuss. These are the things that make the world beautiful!